Marinade Facts, Usage and Safety Tips

Marinade Facts

Marinating allows the flavor of the sauce to penetrate the meat or fish naturally.
This not only enhances the surface flavor but delivers and excites the flavor
throughout the main dish
. Marinade perfection does not usually occur within
15 to 30 minutes but can take several to many hours to achieve even and proper
penetration, depending on the size and type of meat
. For instance, chicken breast
is a firmer meat than steak and would take longer to adequately marinate
A marinade should not be excessively thick in substance otherwise it may not
penetrate very well and may not achieve the desired flavor results you would
expect from a marinade, as compared to a traditional BBQ sauce

Why Use Freezer Bags?

Simply baste your main dish liberally with Zy-Sauce and place in an appropriate
size freezer bag
. When your favorite dish is marinated in a freezer bag and all of the
air sealed out, the marinade completely surrounds the main course
. This dramatically
reduces the amount of marinade necessary and it also promotes a even marinate of
your favorite dish from top to bottom and allows maximum penetration from all sides

The results Will Be Rewarding!

What Makes Zy-Sauce Marinade so Different?

First the taste. Zy-Sauce has a flavor unlike anything you have ever tried!
Zy-Sauce Marinade does not overpower the flavor of your favorite dish
It Enhances and Excites the dish to enrich the natural flavor properties
Zy-Sauce ingredients contain natural preservatives as well as natural tenderizers
Reported Zy-Sauce usages keep growing, Thus Our Slogan,

"Uses Limited By Imagination Only"

How Long Should I Marinate?

Salmon, Tuna or Mahi Mahi and most Steakfish:
Baste liberally and marinate 2 –3 hours before grilling
Baste both sides 2 – 3 times during grilling
. Stop basting the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Baste liberally and Marinate overnight. Throw the steak on the grill and cook.
No Basting is necessary

If you want to go a step further for a Cajun flavor, visit our
Recipes page for
our Zy-Sauce Blackened Steak recipe and learn how to create your own
homemade "Cajun Blacken Seasoning"!

Chicken, Roast or Ribs:
Baste liberally and marinate overnight. Baste 2 – 3 times while cooking on the grill
or baking in the oven
. Stop basting the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Marinade Safety Tips

Safety Warning!

To prevent bacterial growth, always marinate your seafood or meat in the
refrigerator and
never at room temperature. When cooking meat or fish, any
leftover marinade should be discarded and not used as a sauce for your grilled meal
Meat and fish contain raw meat juices which may contain harmful bacteria

When basting your grilled or baked dish with marinade which has made contact
with raw meat or fish, stop basting with the marinade the last 5 minutes of cooking
This final amount of time is important for the raw meat juices in the
marinade to thoroughly cook
. If you're only marinating vegetables,
there's obviously no concern regarding raw meat juices!

Never put cooked meat or seafood in the same pan or dish that held it when it was raw.
Raw meat or seafood juices can contaminate cooked food with harmful bacteria

"Think Safety", and every Cook-Out, or Cook-In will be a
, Complimentary, and Memorable success!

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